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Are you worried about:

– How do I increase sales?

– How can I build my email list?

– How do I set up an email campaign to keep in touch with my customers, old and new?

– How do I build a healthy client-brand relationship?

– How to learn copywriting?

– How to advertise effectively?

– Setting up an ad campaign?

– How to build a sales funnel?

 – Developing a Video sales ad?

……..And more?


How do you handle an impatient client?

How do you properly make people understand what you mean, not only what you say?

What are the capacity of your employees, as regards communication?

Imagine having a brand of employees, who are unable to the prospects to buyers or establish healthy rapport with clients and prospects alike. Or you want to learn how to overcome the fear of facing the public?

Looking to go into the real estate space but unsure of how and where? We don’t only provide you the answers to your questions, we also walk the journey with you. Showing you investments with high returns, and homes your family will be safe and pleased, in Nigeria, Dubai, Texas and London.

How your targets, prospects and clients see and engage with you or your brand is also reliant on the type of content and message you give them. Creating engaging contents is one of our specialties. We train or help you stand in front of your clients and prospects, virtually, by ranking on the first page of google. With our search engine optimized articles, posts and contents, we make sure you’re the answer, when prospects and clients ask questions. We would turn your thoughts to words, speaking in your brands language without ignoring your targets.

About FHC

Unhappy about the seemingly endless pains, and cries of intending property owners and real estate prospects, of being duped or making uninformed property investments in low yielding locations. The sudden death of most startups and cooperate bodies, often due to hindered growth by unskilled employees and limited financial capacity, we are determined to make business management easier and better for all, combining excellence with affordability.

Our journey to existence began in 2014, when our cofounder, Idris Odunewu, saved a business owner from falling into the hands of fraudsters, in Magodo, Lagos, by helping him confirm the authenticity of a property document.

This led to healthier business and social growth, as Mr. fealty, as Mr. Idris is sometimes called, was invited by the client, to train his staff on effective brand communication, apparently impressed by the way he handled the real estate issue, and came to know of other skills our co-founder possessed in his arsenal.


To ensure the steady growth of businesses, through engaging contents, converting copy and effective brand communication.

To enlighten and help prospects and old timers, make the right decision on best real estate investments and practices, in and outside Nigeria.


To see every family in their dream place. A place of choice, love and healthy living, through well informed real estate decisions.

To see businesses and individuals achieve their set goals and objectives, even with limited financial capacity, with human and employee development through trainings and seminars.

Meet Our Team!

Our experienced and hardworking team.

Odunewu Idris

Managing Director and CEO

Moshood Aminat

Legal consultant

Hamzah Sirajudeen

Chief Operations Officer

Mustapha Abdulghaffaar

Marketing Manager/ Media Officer

Odunewu Abdulhakeem

Chief Financial Officer

Clients reviews

"As a copywriting student and mentee of Idris, he opened my eyes to valuable information and guides on being effective in the art of copywriting. Needless to say he's a disciplined teacher with high level of professionalism"
Yusuf Mubarak
Content creator and copywriter
I have known Idris for over 8 years, we have worked on different projects relating to public speaking and creative writing. He is good at what he does and a jolly good fellow to work with.
Shamsudeen Abdulrazak
Project manager, Business developer, personal development trainer, freidrich-ebert- stiftung OMYV fellow
I had the privilege of learning copywriting from Fealty Consulting Hallmark at the HDS earlier this year. I was impressed by their wealth of knowledge on copywriting and how simplified their method of teaching was. Impacting knowledge comes easy to him. Fealty Consulting Hallmark knows their onion, I must admit. they are courteous, thoughtful, and ethical. they have earned my recommendation as a great tutor of copywriting.
Oyelami Azizat
Fealty hallmark consult; they possess a unique and exceptional writer whose priority is doing his best to achieve success in what he does. He is of better understanding of his profession and displays expertise in it. Undoubtedly, he is the one with the resource(s) you need.
Adenikinju Peace
A seasoned professional, well-grounded and versatile statistician, an eloquent speaker and a good team manager. You will surely miss his talent a great deal if you leave him out of your team.
Abdulquadri Yusuf
Mechanical engineer, manufacturing and production specialist, process engineering specialist
Odunewu Idris is an encyclopedia of opportunities, mere knowing him, you stand a chance to learn something new, I mean something valuable. While in school, I remember joining his public speaking training; nonverbal communication. Even as a biologist, I got to know there are more to physiology. Idris was the Chief Editor of Federal University of Technology, Minna, Niger State. He has proofread and edited many articles and I'm privileged to have him as the editor of my book; live before you leave, not just an editor, but also a contributor. Like I said, he's an encyclopedia of opportunities, whatever he offers you, grab it while you still can!
Muhammed Ibrahim Ozovehe.
Biological scientist and author; Live before you leave.

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